Chris Noldus

Introducing the next generation computer geek

I am your next gen Computer Geek. From private consulting, sub-contract work to full team development project coding and design - I'm your man when you need the top technology to get your business on the web.

I have vast experiences in many technologies, including (but not limited to) Ruby on Rails, Dalvik (Android), PHP, JavaScript, SQL, C, C++, and Java.

I use Agile methodologies to deliver flexible solutions that evolve with your needs. Agile helps engage the customer with every step of the development process, allowing faster release and felxibility.

I am a strong proponant of open source technology, regularly taking part in community projects. Open source allows me to deliver cutting edge technology at a low cost while helping further the knowledge base for IT worldewide.

Operating systems are no problem either, with extensive knowledge in Windows, Unix based platforms like Apple and a specialty in Linux systems - I can work within most modern development environments. My Linux background allows me to proivde top quality support at all levels of business IT infrastructure.

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